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Intelligent Duplicate Product Prevention

DMSCompare is an innovative web application designed to revolutionize the way marketplaces tackle the issue of duplicate products. By employing a three-step comparison process, including AI background checks, data duplication checks, and image duplication checks, DMSCompare guarantees optimal identification of duplicate entries. Seamlessly integrated with DMSMatrix and other marketplaces, DMSCompare empowers marketplace administrators to ensure data accuracy, enhance user experience, and streamline duplication management.

DMSCompare is an Indispensable Tool For Marketplaces Seeking to Maintain Data Accuracy And Integrity by Preventing The Entry of Duplicate Products.

Whether integrated with DMSMatrix or as an independent application, DMSCompare is the key to unlocking the power of intelligent duplicate product prevention.

Real-Time Duplicate Prevention

AI Background Check

DMSCompare’s AI-powered background deep comparison continuously analyzes similar products, detecting duplicates that may escape traditional exact comparisons.

Data Duplication Check

Exact text comparison based on essential product values, such as Code, Title, Description, and Attributes, forms the core of DMSCompare’s data duplication check.

Image Duplication Check

Utilizing the DMSDrive API, product images, including original and edited versions, are compared to identify visually identical or manipulated entries.

Deep Comparison

An ongoing background process employing AI conducts a comprehensive comparison to identify relative duplicates. Suspected duplicates are highlighted for review.

Manual Review

DMSMatrix staff or marketplace admins can review flagged products to determine whether they are duplicates or separate products, ensuring accurate decisions.

Information Comparison

The DMSCompare API meticulously compares the received product information with existing products in the database. To ensure error free results. 

Approval and Linking

After passing all checks, the product becomes active for linking and can be safely pushed to the marketplace, guaranteeing that only unique products are integrated.

Reporting Dashboard

DMSCompare offers marketplaces a comprehensive reporting dashboard for comparing and analyzing duplicate products based on various criteria.

How It’s Done

DMSCompare empowers marketplaces to take charge of their product databases by preventing the influx of duplicate products. Its advanced technology, seamless integration, and customizable features make it an essential tool for any marketplace aiming to maintain data accuracy and foster trust with its users. By leveraging DMSCompare, marketplaces can ensure a superior user experience, boost credibility, and streamline operations for sustained growth and success.



Reporting Dashboard

DMSCompare offers marketplaces a comprehensive reporting dashboard for comparing and analyzing duplicate products based on various criteria, such as CSR of the seller, product price, creation date, and seller’s sales volume. Additionally, the system supports generating daily or weekly reports.




  • Real-Time Duplicate Prevention: The immediate comparison and notification process prevent duplicate products from entering the marketplace in real-time, reducing clutter and enhancing data integrity.
  • Comprehensive Comparison: DMSCompare’s multi-step comparison process, including AI background checks and image duplication checks, ensures a thorough examination of product information, leaving no room for potential duplicates to go undetected.
  • Efficient Duplication Management: Grouping similar products together simplifies the handling of duplicates, enabling quick and effective resolution of duplication issues by administrators.
  • Improved User Experience: By minimizing duplicate products, DMSMatrix can offer users a cleaner and more streamlined marketplace, leading to improved user experiences and increased trust.


Seller Product Submission: When a seller adds or updates a product on the DMSMatrix platform, the relevant product information, including the product code, title, description, and attributes, is automatically transmitted to the DMSCompare API. This step is crucial as it initiates the comparison process to detect potential duplicate products in the database.

Information Comparison: The DMSCompare API receives the product information and proceeds to compare it with the existing products already stored in the DMSMatrix database. This comparison encompasses a multi-faceted approach, involving AI background checks, exact text comparison, and image duplication checks. Each aspect plays a pivotal role in ensuring a comprehensive analysis for accurate duplicate product detection.

Prompt Notification: If the DMSCompare API identifies any product with identical information already present in the database, it promptly notifies DMSMatrix. This real-time notification system enables swift action and prevents the duplicate product from being added redundantly to the platform. By stopping the duplication at the point of submission, DMSMatrix can maintain data integrity and deliver a clean product database to its users.

Duplicate Identification and Grouping: Upon detecting a duplicate product, DMSCompare marks it and adds it to a set of similar products. This grouping mechanism facilitates further analysis and reporting, simplifying the duplication management process. By organizing duplicate products into sets, DMSMatrix administrators can easily review and manage them, ensuring effective decisions to resolve duplication issues.

Streamlining Duplication Management: The grouping of similar products streamlines the entire duplication management process. DMSMatrix administrators can efficiently address duplicates within a set, making it easier to take corrective actions such as blocking, removing, or notifying sellers about the duplication issue. This systematic approach ensures that the marketplace maintains high data accuracy and user satisfaction.

Success Stories

Since I started using DMSCompare, my experience as a seller on DMSMatrix has been truly remarkable! It’s incredible how this tool quickly identifies duplicate products and prevents them from entering the marketplace. This not only saves me time but also ensures my products stand out among the competition. The AI background check and image comparison features are simply brilliant. I can confidently say that DMSCompare has elevated the quality of my listings, leading to increased sales and happier customers. Thank you, DMSCompare, for giving my business a competitive edge

J Smith

Head of Marketing, Electronics Retailer

DMSCompare has been a game-changer for my electronics store on DMSMatrix. Before using this tool, managing duplicates was a real headache. But now, with its three-step comparison process and real-time notifications, duplicate products are history! I no longer have to worry about redundant entries cluttering up my store or confusing my customers. The manual review option is also fantastic, allowing me to verify flagged products and make the final call. With DMSCompare’s accurate and seamless integration, I can focus on growing my business while offering a clean and trustworthy marketplace to my buyers. Highly recommended!

D Becker

Founder & CEO, Fashion Shop Inc

As a seller, data accuracy is paramount for my home decor business, and that’s where DMSCompare shines! This incredible tool has made managing my product listings a breeze. The data duplication check and image comparison feature ensure that only unique and visually distinct products make it to the marketplace. I love how DMSCompare provides a comprehensive reporting dashboard, helping me track and compare my duplicate products effortlessly. It has given me the confidence to list new products, knowing they won’t get lost in a sea of duplicates. DMSCompare is truly a lifesaver for sellers like me who prioritize data integrity and a seamless user experience

R Wise

Head of Design, Home Decor

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